Infertility: A Community Of Love

Go to for details and ways you can help

Go to for details and ways you can help

Imagine seeing your best friend with her baby and being sad. Imagine you get the greatest news of your life and only a short time later the dream that news brought was lost forever. Imagine wanting to have a child with the love of your life but only feeling that you are letting your spouse down because the pregnancy test just never shows up positive. Millions of people are faced with infertility and all have one thing in common…they want to share the love in their heart with a child.

I am part of this community. I did not ask to join this community but I was born into it. Being part of the infertile community made me realize how some things in life are simply taken for granted. Being part of this community showed me how strong and determined people can be, especially my wife. When a couple from the infertile community has a baby through medically assisted conception this does not make them a better parent.  Infertile parents do have a story that just makes them have a different connection to their spouse and child. The journey shared by infertile couples is the ingredients for any wonderful love story. The communication with infertile couples must be strong. The support they must give each other is great. The infertile couple has to know when to leave each other alone and when to silently hold each others hands.

When I read about couples struggling with infertility it breaks my heart. It is particularly sad to me when the couple is not aware of the support that is available to them if they want it. Sometimes just hearing a voice tell you they understand and sharing part of their journey makes you feel less alone.  If you read this blog you may be part of the Infertile Community or you may know someone who is. This week is recognized as a time for awareness of the struggles this community faces. If you are a parent that had a child with no problems can you imagine if you were faced with issues that made it difficult or impossible to have kids? If you know someone having conception issues go to and click on links that will educate you on the issues that so many struggle with and once you are armed with that knowledge let that friend know you are there.

To any couple out their struggling with infertility my wife and I are there for you. We are lucky that our dream was realized but we never will forget how we felt.  we will be a shoulder or a wall to scream at or we will just listen. Best of luck and we love you all!!!!!


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