Infertility: He and She: WE



When she met him she knew

She knew he was the one

From time to time before she wed

she dreamed of the family they would share

She could see birthday parties and Disney trips

The wedding day came and passed

Passionately she tried for months

With every test came a miss

Something is wrong

You doubt yourself  and feel less than a woman

He deserves so much more

One month it happens

Maybe all will be well

She was jubilant and proud

But the joy is short lived


She is so alone, frustrated

He is a man of few words

When he saw her for the first time he knew

He was nervous when he proposed but she never knew

He could not wait to make her his wife

When she came down the aisle he thought

I hope our children have her passion for life

her eyes and her smile

But she never knew these thoughts

Passionately he tried for months

What is wrong with me he thought

She deserves so much more

What kind of man am I

He is a man of few words

One day good news arrives

He proudly brags about his wife to his friends

He dreams of baseball trips and birthday parties

Then the other shoe drops

…dream turns to nightmare…

He hurts but worse than that

He feels helpless to protect you

from this invisible enemy

An angel steps into their life

She finds the problem

Hope is not lost

Together she and he follow the angels lead

The path is clear

but the destination is not guaranteed

The journey is long

but there is hope because love finds a way…..

I hope you all reach your desired destination!!!


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