God, Government, and IVF



I recently read an article on a Resolve website that talked about Newt Gingrich and other politicians expressing a wish to possibly regulate some parts of IVF, which actually already has some proper regulations in place. Although the regulations they seek are unclear the center of their concern appears to center around when life begins.

Before I give my opinion I must be honest. I have an IVF child. My wife and I are veterans of fertility clinics. I believe in God. My faith, however, is personal and I would never push it on others. Few things bother me more than someone pushing their faith at me when I am clearly uncomfortable with it. When it comes to faith, to each their own. I admit my bias up front to the process.

One of the political arguments are the eggs that are frozen and what their fate is. Some politicians, often guided by their personal faith, view this as playing God and some may even view it as a form of abortion when the eggs are disposed of. Is it possible that government could regulate IVF to the point that they limit the number of eggs you can use? Could they tell a couple IVF itself is illegal? The latter may be a stretch but I think at the end of the day they just do not understand what infertility couples go through.

Infertility is not a choice it is a condition. It affects the health of marriages and the well-being of some people. The causes of infertility are true medical conditions and they sometimes rob people of the gift of having children. While I do believe and welcome government regulation that keeps patients safe at fertility clinics I do not welcome or believe that government should criticize the process of IVF on a faith-based belief that it could be a sin to create eggs and some of them possibly not be used.  Infertility patients are not participating in an action with the purpose of destroying life. They are trying to create life to the best of their ability and means. This is a truly beautiful endeavour.

It is understandable and quite acceptable that a politician is guided by their faith but they should not base their policies and regulations on their faith. I express this not only because of separation of church and state but because we are a nation of many races, opinions, and of course faiths. One politicians faith-based policy would have bias to someone somewhere.

Faith is very important to many IVF couples. It gives them the strength to move on. It bolsters couples  that may otherwise part ways under the stress. Our fertility doctors practice was created in part because of a family the doctor knew in their church. The doctor had assisted the family to have children while she was practicing at another facility and the family paid the doctor back by assisting in creating the doctors practice many years later. A shared faith helped created an institution that has help bring hundreds if not thousands of families children. I think God gave us the science of fertility medicine and practice as a gift.

Politicians have tough jobs. They must try to make everyone happy and we know that is not possible. I respect that responsibility as long as it is fair and equitable and not guided by personal faith. I expect government to make well-educated and deeply investigated investments in its people not a forced agenda.

Our IVF required a very detailed and very thought out contract with our facility that covered every aspect of the care of any remaining eggs. Our facility had a very strong respect for the sanctity of life. Families that go through the IVF process have enough stresses just trying to have a child they do not need pressure from the government added to it. They do not need to feel immoral and they certainly do not need doors closed to them.

I wish everyone in the infertility community the best of love, luck, and faith.


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  1. I also have a very unique perspective on the govt being involved in reproduction. I would have died if wasn’t allowed to terminate my ectopic pregnancy. So, the abortion issue is pretty close to my heart and fallopian tube.

    Nice to see a posting on this sensitive topic.

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