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This is a page dedicated to families that have been through or are going through the process of beating infertility. My wife and I had a five-year struggle with infertility and sought the help of fertility clinics. We endured the ups and downs of pursing the dream of having children. We went to two clinics. My wife was prodded, tested, analyzed, beat down emotionally, missed work, miscarried, poked with needles by me, she hated that others were pregnant, but she did not give up and after several IUI and IVF cycles we had a baby. This page is to tell our stories, lend others support, and hopefully from time to time put a smile on your face. This blog is written by a male, Andy Thornhill, and tries to give the mans perspective from time to time. Some of these blogs are not new and are on my other site The Tao of Pig Pen. I decided to create a site specific to fertility issues because I write about other issues on “Tao” and often post about my daughter. I understand that to some this can painful so I have created Sunshine Dreams and Hopes. These posts will be for infertility stories only. Any one who subscribes to Tao of Pig Pen is more than welcome to stay on and I hope you do. I look forward to hearing from you and writing for you.

Anyone who has ideas for stories or questions please feel  free to ask me or contact me on my Facebook page.


I also have written an E-Book available on the Kindle and Barnes and Noble websites. It is titled “The Longest Love Letter”. It is the complete story of my families journey through fertility clinics. It is written directly to my daughter and it is a great illustration to the strength and determination of women.

Links to the book can be found here.

At Amazon:


At Barnes and Noble



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